Ki Aikido at Rocky Mountain Ki Society

Westminster Dojo Classes

At this time we are keeping our schedule fluid as regulations and the current environment keeps changing. You can visit our Facebook Page to view the most current information.

Until further notice, we are not holding regular in person classes. Limited in person classes are available upon arrangement with instructor.

We want to make sure everyone stays healthy and safe.

If there are no signups within 2 hours of class, we may cancel class.

Class Schedule

With the coming summer, we are taking advantage of the good weather and having some outdoor classes in local parks.
Saturdays at 8am we are having Adult Aikido classes in Nottingham Park
Thursday evenings at 6pm is an older kids class in Windsor Park

We are also dropping in on some Denver classes.
Wednesday evenings, 6pm and 7:15pm
Sunday afternoon, 12:15pm – 2:30pm

Class Descriptions

Ki Class

Open to everyone. Focus is on Ki-Principles and application on the mat as well as in everyday life.

Basic Ki-Aikido

The Basic Ki-Aikido course instructs students in the fundamental principles, movements and throws. Open to beginners and other students.


Students may take this course after 2 months of the Basic Ki-Aikido course or with the instructor’s permission. The study includes more advanced throws/falls and forward rolling, as well as further applications of Ki to Ki-Aikido techniques.

Online Weapons Class

Practice weapons in smaller spaces. Access to a jo or bokken is not required.

Open Mat  Practice

Supervised mat time for all members.

Younger Kids

Children ages 4–8 years. A course designed for young students who will be taught basic principles of Ki-Aikido by stressing self-confidence and working together with other children.

Older Kids

Children ages 9 and up. Older children learn Ki-Aikido principles and techniques by working together in a positive atmosphere.

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