Ki Aikido at Rocky Mountain Ki Society


Tohei Soushu has named his method of massage/touch therapy “Kiatsu”, meaning pressing with Ki.

Life means a continual interchange that takes place between the Ki of the universe and one’s personal Ki. When the interchange is weak and there is a shortage of Ki, one falls ill. If there is a shortage of Ki, supplying Ki can activate this interchange. Pressing with Ki means to give Ki to the damaged part and activate the life power. It is the same as charging a weak battery. Anybody can do it if he/she knows how to extend Ki. The ancient people may well have understood this, as they did not have any medicine. That might be why there is a Japanese expression “teate o suru” (putting on of hands).

Stiff shoulders, arm problems, whiplash, knee problems, migraine headaches, constipation etc, are rarely solved in hospitals, however, they can be an obstacle in your daily life. The cause of above is mainly lack of Ki. By sending someone Ki via Kiatsu therapy the person’s own life power will be activated. Once their own flow of Ki is stimulated they can begin to cure themselves.

Five Principles of Kiatsu Therapy

  • Extend Ki from the One-Point in the lower abdomen
  • Put no strength and have no tension in your body
  • Send Ki perpendicularly toward the center without forcing
  • Ki is connected infinitely at your fingertips
  • Concentrate on lines, rather than points

*The preceding descriptions are adapted from the Shin Shin Toitsu Aikidokai website.