Ki Aikido at Rocky Mountain Ki Society


Rocky Mountain Ki Society (RMKS) was founded in 1977 by Koichi Kashiwaya Sensei, presently senior advisor of Ki-Aikido for the United States. Fom the original location in Boulder, RMKS expanded to various locations in Colorado. Currently there are Ki-Aikido schools in Westminster, Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins. Rocky Mountain Ki Society, Inc., headquartered in Westminster is a 501(c)3 federal non-profit organization.

Some of the earliest students to train under Kashiwaya Sensei when he brought Ki-Aikido to Colorado were Russell Jones Sensei (currently 6th Dan and Joden Ki rank) , Lael Keen Sensei (currently 5th Dan and Chuden Ki rank, Susan Chandler Sensei (currently 5th dan and Joden Ki rank), and Russell Smith Sensei (currently 5th Dan and Joden Ki rank). Jones Sensei did uchideshi training with Kashiwaya Sensei for 5 years. When Kashiwaya Sensei moved to Seattle in 1990, Jones Sensei became Head Instructor of Rocky Mountain Ki Society. Chandler Sensei opened her own dojo in Denver. Smith Sensei teaches in Fort Collins, CO.

Kevin Eva Sensei and Ron Charpentier Sensei began training with Russell Jones Sensei and Susan Chandler Sensei in the mid 1980’s. Eva Sensei did uchideshi training with Jones Sensei and assisted with kids classes. When Jones Sensei moved to Brasil, he turned over the Head Instructor responsibility to Eva Sensei in 1998. Jones Sensei and Keen Sensei still live in Brasil but often teach here when they come for a visit. In 2002 Smith Sensei became Head Instructor of Rocky Mountain Ki Society. Eva Sensei continued as Lead Instructor at the Westminster location.

Lance McClure Sensei started training in 1990 and Derek Nabel Sensei in 1993 under Jones Sensei. Both trained with Jones Sensei as uchideshi as well as working with the children’s program. Before coming to the Denver Metro area, Nabel Sensei also trained with Smith Sensei when going to CSU. McClure Sensei and Nabel Sensei currently head our kids program as well as teach adults. On September 28, 2006 Nabel Sensei became the Lead Instructor of the Westminster dojo when Eva Sensei moved.